Release notes

SentiVeillance 8.x SDK

February 22, 2023

Algorithms-related changes:

  • Improved license plate recognition accuracy.
  • Added template matching support for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cyprus, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Denmark, Andorra, Malta, Australia, Kazakhstan license plates.

November 13, 2022

Algorithms-related changes:

  • Improved license plate origin country prediction for the United States, Canada and United Arab Emirates..
  • Added template matching support for the United States, Canada, Norway, Turkey and Uzbekistan license plates..
  • Greatly improved differentiation between 0 (zero) and O (letter O) for license plate recognition.

New features:

  • Maximize video view on double click in SurveillanceSample.
  • Limit what subject information is shown in SurveillanceSample.

September 16, 2022

Algorithms-related changes:

  • Improved license plate origin country prediction.
  • Improved license plate deduplication when identical plates are present in same frame.

New features:

  • Different parameters can now be set for each NSurveillanceSource and NSurveillanceEngine task.
  • VideoTimeStamp property allows to obtain event time in a video.


  • Fixed incorrect default configuration for license plate algorithm.
  • Fixed issues with United Kingdom license plate recognition.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect matching results if matching threshold of 0 was used.
  • Fixed a bug when Previous matching details were shown after using Next/Previous buttons in SurveillanceSample.
  • Fixed a bug when the “default settings” button in the SurveillanceSample caused unrelated configuration reset.

Updates and improvements:

  • Added support for United Arab Emirates license plates.
  • Updated surveillance samples to allow using different parameter sets for each video source.

July 21, 2022

Product revision number: 20220721 Product revision hash: 1d9fe2dcc356ae8e09f771f0690f0fcd1f44cc64 Algorithms-related changes:
  • Improved country codes prediction from license plates.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and issues.

June 22, 2022

Product revision number: 20220622 Product revision hash: 1d6dc6655b876822cf052851086708af83caa958 The first release of SentiVeillance 8.2 SDK. Algorithms-related changes:
  • New color recognition model.
  • New license plates symbol recognition.
Updates and improvements:
  • Added camera capturing optimizations to reduce CPU usage.

February 21, 2022

Product revision number: 20220221 Product revision hash: 529f1712893f685032e10231f284725b6cb09f12 Fixes:
  • Fixed NSurveillanceEngine processing error.

February 2, 2022

Product revision number: 20220202 Product revision hash: 1134bc94481a4b6b83301a67c3de01d8e6e95ab4 The first release of SentiVeillance 8.1 SDK. Algorithms-related changes:
  • Updated face detection algorithm, working better with cropped faces, masked faces, bad pose faces (profile).
  • Greatly improved face blink, dark glasses, expression, gender, glasses, mouth open, beard, mustache, hat attribute detection. Introduced heavy frame detection.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using NSurveillanceEngine.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and issues.
Updates and improvements:
  • Updated biometric components to the MegaMatcher 12.3 line.

November 25, 2021

Product revision number: 20211125 Product revision hash: 2fc3b955e721a36b25fd74b74d3fdd05275d7666 Algorithms-related changes:
  • Clothing details now also determines clothes by body parts: headwear, torso, arms, legs, feet.
  • Improved vehicle model prediction.
New features:
  • New Java sample: surveillance-sample.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs, crashes and issues.

May 12, 2021

Product revision number: 20210512 Product revision hash: bd63b6a59be30849e9a42ecf278219074596696b New features:
  • API for easy selection of the best frame added.
  • API for retrieving subject information for all tracked frames added.
  • New Java sample: surveillance-images-sample.
  • New C++ sample: SurveillanceImagesSampleWX.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and issues.
Updates and improvements:
  • Multiple minor improvements.

January 19, 2021

Product revision number: 20210119 Product revision hash: 0a93df68fdebe4f2c9c725d5dd1cc132f67acddb The first release of SentiVeillance 8.0 SDK. Algorithms-related changes:
  • Vehicle type, model/make and orientation estimation added.
  • Person’s clothing estimation added.
  • Improved faces, vehicle-human and license plate recognition algorithms.
New features:
  • Face modality can now be combined with the vehicle-human modality.
  • FacesThermalSampleCS and SurveillanceThermalFacesSampleCS added.
  • SurveillanceImagesSampleCS and SurveillanceImagesSampleVB added.