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SentiVeillance Automated License Plate Recognition used for the City of Plovdiv


Neurotechnology’s video analytics solution SentiVeillance used in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv municipality to improve parking monitoring across the city.

The MGI Mobility Services used SentiVeillance SDK to create a mobile parking monitoring system for Plovdiv’s parking enforcement officers. The system is implemented in the city’s parking enforcement cars and performs parked vehicles’ license plate recognition, while the officers patrol within the designated areas. Plovdiv is the second-largest city and the first in Bulgaria to use such a system for mobile parking monitoring.

SentiVeillance’s video analytics provided Plovdiv’s parking enforcement officers with real-time automated license plate recognition. The whole system frees up valuable resources and streamlines the process of accurately monitoring parking permit status. It’s not just surveillance, it’s smart mobility, and that’s what sets this solution apart.” said Ivan Dimitrov the CEO of MGI Mobility Services.

Parking enforcement cars were equipped with video cameras, onboard computers, and software that could accurately recognize parked vehicles’ license plates and instantly verify their parking permit status. The goal was to improve the blue zone’s parking and create a streamlined and simplified parking permit check.

(SentiVeillance 9.0 SDK sample application was used in early-stage testing)

(UI of the parking enforcement system with SentiVeillance ALPR algoritm)

Partnering with TiXi for seamless integration

TiXi, a technology provider proficient in transport management systems and electronic payments, played a crucial role in integrating SentiVeillance ALPR solution with the infrastructure of Plovdiv’s parking enforcement system. TiXi, with its comprehensive IT services, expertise in tailor-made solutions, ensured a smooth implementation and efficient operation of the new parking enforcement process.

The Results Achieved:

        More efficient operations: Automated validation eliminated the need for manual checks, freeing up officers for other tasks.

        Accurate verification: SentiVeillance’s technology demonstrates a high accuracy rate in license plate recognition, ensuring effective monitoring of different countries’ license plates or vehicle types.

        Increased law enforcement capabilities: Real-time identification of violators empowers authorities to prioritize enforcement efforts and organize tasks more effectively.

SentiVeillance solutions

SentiVeillance incorporates three modalities, each meticulously tailored to analyze specific aspects of video surveillance and traffic management:

  1. Face Algorithm: SentiVeillance face algorithm is based on deep neural networks for biometric face detection and recognition. Applications include security, user authentication, and crowd control.
  2. VH (Vehicle-Human) Algorithm:

VH algorithm focuses on detecting vehicles and humans. It can track the vehicle’s trajectory and distinguish its brand, model, and other characteristics. The VH algorithm contributes to traffic management, surveillance, and autonomous vehicle development, enhancing safety on roads.

  1. ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Algorithm:

The ALPR algorithm provides real-time license plate recognition in real-time. This algorithm can be applied in law enforcement, parking management, and traffic monitoring.


All three modalities, Face, VH, and ALPR, can be used independently or as combinations to suit specific system requirements. For example, ALPR alone can be used for parking monitoring, while a combination of Face and VH modalities could be used for security purposes to identify unknown persons.


SentiVeillance offers a comprehensive solution through a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a Cluster option, catering to various applications in the fields of facial recognition, vehicle-human interaction analysis, and automatic license plate recognition within security and surveillance systems. Developers can utilize the flexible SentiVeillance SDK to build custom applications while the ready-to-use SentiVeillance Cluster seamlessly integrates with existing video management systems, simplifying implementation for immediate use.