SentiVeillance Cluster

Ready-to-use software for easy integration of biometric face identification, vehicle and pedestrian classification and tracking, as well as automatic license plate recognition.

Table of Contents

Video sources

SentiVeillance Cluster allows connection and analysis of video streams from generic IP cameras and cameras connected to Milestone VMS.
System allows to define search areas to pinpoint where the system should focus on finding faces, objects and license plates for each camera.

Analytic Rules

Define flexible rules to receive relevant events.
Rules have a vast selection of triggers and conditions to meet various usage scenarios.
Generated events allow custom action integration with various controllers and automatization systems.


Live events

SentiVeillance Cluster offers a comprehensive view of your security cameras, allowing you to monitor live feeds and receive real-time events based on predefined rules. You can filter and organize events by sources or rules, with the option to display them in separate, customizable columns. Saved layouts let you quickly switch between configured views for maximum efficiency. 

Each event can be quickly replayed for review. Event based camera switching feature allows monitoring more cameras by prioritizing video feeds with ongoing events.

Additionally, a separate client application is available for live events monitoring. SentiVeillance Events app supports Android, Windows, or Linux.


Events search

SentiVeillance Cluster provides a powerful search and analysis tools for recorded events. View all subjects identified by the algorithms with instant highlights of matches against your watchlists. Detailed information and video recordings are available for each event. 

The search function allows you to combine various filters – faces, vehicles, license plates, sources, watchlists, rules, movement vectors, etc. – to pinpoint specific events. Export all or selected events and image thumbnails for further analysis or reporting.

Interface is customizable, allowing to prioritize frequently used filters and collapse unused groups. Favorite searches can be saved for one-click access, and recent filters are readily available for quick re-use.


SentiVeillance Cluster offers robust watchlist management for both faces and license plates. Create an unlimited number of watchlists, add multiple face images for a single subject, and include details like names and other relevant information. Required subject information and details can be defined using custom data schema. 

Image search tool is available for facial recognition inside watchlists. Images with one or more faces can be used to quickly identify subjects from watchlists.

Backward search

Powerful investigation tool to search for any faces seen by any camera and find visually similar faces, arrange and filter results by similarity, time, sources. Allows to quickly jump between appearances from various cameras and times. 

Backward search tool can also be used from Events and Live interfaces.


Gain insights from data through comprehensive reporting dashboards. Pre-built dashboards showcase various aspects of identified subjects and details. Create custom dashboards tailored to your specific business needs, allowing to focus on the information most critical to operations.

Events app

SentiVeillance Events app provides users with real-time event monitoring on the go. Available for Android, Windows, and Linux devices, the app lets users to subscribe for events by choosing specific rules or sources.  Users receive instant notifications whenever events are triggered by the system.

User management

This system prioritizes secure access control. Create users with specific roles and disable inactive accounts. Granular control over access to data and features of the system.

Administration, watchlists, rules, associated events, etc. are linked to specific user roles, ensuring only authorized users have access rights to sensitive information.

Milestone plugins

SentiVeillance extends the capabilities of Milestone XProtect Smart Client application ( through plugins provided in the package. 

Facial recognition and license plate estimation events can be conveniently displayed in Milestone XProtect Client application views.


Access SentiVeillance Cluster functionality through a variety of methods. Leverage the extensive REST API for programmatic control, subscribe to real-time updates via WebSockets, or search for specific events directly within Elasticsearch. Connect to MQTT broker to receive event notifications. Explore available tutorials and samples to get started quickly.

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