video surveillance systems

Real-time biometric face identification, tracking of people and vehicles, and automatic license number recognition.


Face algorithm

Perform biometric face identification, classification, and face tracking with the help of an award-winning algorithm based on deep neural networks. Configure additional attributes that allow you to detect face coverings, open-mouth, dark glasses, beards, etc.

VH (vehicle-human) algorithm

Carry out the vehicle or human detection, classification, and movement tracking from the moment they appear in the field of vision until they disappear. The algorithm returns the color, make, and movement direction estimation among other features.

ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) algorithm

Detect and read the license plate on a stable or moving vehicle. The algorithm can perform reliable detection from both live traffic data streams featuring numerous vehicles as well as parked cars.

Use cases


Save time and shorten the lines at the security checks with automated access control systems.


Ensure road traffic safety and security with reliable automated traffic surveillance using video tracking.


Guarantee security and protection in both public and private areas with round-the-clock surveillance.


Establish public order and safety with a convenient biometric facial identification and matching against the watchlist database.


Deliver parking lot security, by reducing and preventing theft and vandalism with an autonomous surveillance system.

Software development kits

Develop unique persons or vehicle recognition products with a set of pre-built software tools and programs.


SentiVeillance SDK

SentiVeillance SDK is designed for developing software that performs biometric face identification, detects moving pedestrians or vehicles or other objects and performs automatic license plate recognition using live video streams from digital surveillance cameras.

SentiVeillance SDK

SentiVeillance Cluster

SentiVeillance Cluster is a ready-to-use software for easy integration of biometric face identification, vehicle and pedestrian classification and tracking, as well as automatic license plate recognition into operating video management systems (VMS). The software analyzes live video streams, which are served by a VMS from surveillance cameras.